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HSR: Onboard video with the Classic 24 Hour race winning Audi R8 at Daytona

The Classic 24 Hour at Daytona was held last weekend. Rogers Motorsports entered their #38 Audi R8 (chassis number #607) which was driven by Doug Smith and Andy Wallace.

This unique event featured 24 Hours of racing. The large entry list was split into six groups (A-F) based on the build year of the competing cars. Each group had four separate races during the 24 Hour period, ensuring night and day time racing for every group. The final results were based on the aggregate of all four races in each group respectively.

The Rogers Motorsports Audi duo of Smith and Wallace won Group E overall and also completed the most laps done by any participant from all of the race groups during the 24 hours.

The Audi Motorsport Blog report of the event can be seen HERE.

Doug Smith shared a great ten-minute onboard video on YouTube featuring footage from different stages during the event, day and night time running.

Enjoy the video embedded below:

The victory for Rogers Motorsports was very special for the team. They had travelled to Daytona with heavy hearts and a clear mission. Long-time Champion Racing team member, Keith Bransford, recently lost his battle with bone cancer and the team was out to win for Keith at Daytona this weekend. The Audi R8 also carried a special tribute in honour of Bransford, with his name included on the R8 which went on to victory at Daytona on Sunday.

RIP Keith Bransford (1958-2014)

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