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HSR: Overall and class victories for Rogers Motorsports and GMG Racing at Daytona

Daytona International Speedway hosted a very special vintage racing event this weekend, The Classic 24 Hour at Daytona, which also included the annual HSR Daytona Historic.
A total of four Audis were entered in the various events. The entry list for the Classic 24 Hour included a mixture of old and new Audi R8 cars. Rogers Motorsports entered the #38 Champion Racing liveried Audi R8 with drivers Doug Smith and Andy Wallace competing in the E-1 class.
Two Pirelli World Challenge teams each entered one Audi R8 LMS ultra in the E-4 class. CRP Racing entered the #2 R8 LMS ultra for Alex Lloyd, David Roberts and Mike Skeen. GMG Racing entered the #76 for the duo of Alex Welch and James Sofronas.

The fourth Audi entry was the the #21 ex-Champion Racing Audi S4 Competition (B5) of Mike Fisher, who is a regular entrant in HSR and SVRA historic events. He was entered in the HSR Daytona Historic races.
This unique event featured 24 Hours of racing. The large entry list was split into six groups (A-F) based on the build year of the competing cars. Each group had four separate races during the 24 Hour period, ensuring night and day time racing for every group. The final results were based on the aggregate of all four races in each group respectively.

The Classic 24 got underway at 13h00 local time and Group E had its first race at 17h00. Rogers Motorsports took victory during each of the four races, ensuring that their aggregate was enough for victory in the E-1 class and Group E overall.

GMG Racing performed very well during the four races. Alex Welch and James Sofronas piloted the #76 Audi R8 LMS ultra to sixth place overall within Group E, taking the E-4 class victory in the process. CRP Racing dropped back during the second race with troubles facing their R8 LMS ultra. By the end of the four races the trio of Alex Lloyd, David Roberts and Mike Skeen finished fourteenth overall, third in class.
The weekend’s results can be seen HERE.
The victory for Rogers Motorsports was very special for the team. They had travelled to Daytona with heavy hearts and a clear mission. Long-time Champion Racing team member, Keith Bransford, recently lost his battle with bone cancer and the team was out to win for Keith at Daytona this weekend. The Audi R8 also carried a special tribute in honour of Bransford, with his name included on the R8 which went on to victory at Daytona on Sunday.

RIP Keith Bransford (1958-2014)

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