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Dakar: CR Racing and Audi Sport Italia heading to Dakar 2015 with Audi TDI power

An Italian team with Audi flavour is heading to the 2015 Dakar.

A collaboration between Audi Sport Italia's Emilio Radaelli and Michele Cinotto has resulted in an entry for the 2015 Dakar.

The team formed by Michele Cinotto and Emilio Radaelli will be racing under the name of CR Racing. Cinotto and Radaelli are no strangers to Audi in rallying, as the duo drove together in Group B Audi quattro cars during the 1980's.
The car is a tubular space frame vehicle in the T1 class fitted with an Audi 3.0 V6 TDI engine. Its name will be Titano-Audi. The car was built at the Audi Sport Italia workshop. It does however not have any Audi styling/bodywork elements.

The development of the car was an Audi Sport Italia project, with the chassis being developed by Massimo Del Prete, who was the #6 Audi R8 LMS ultra race engineer for Thomas Schöffler and Marco Mapelli in the 2014 Italian GT Championship. He brings great experience to the team with previous Dakar participations.

The #399 entry, which is listed as an Audi on the Dakar entry list, will be driven by the duo of Michele Cinotto and Fulvio Zini. This is a very exciting project for Audi Sport Italia.

Dakar 2015 gets underway on 4 January.

You can find CR Racing on Twitter HERE (@CRracing_dakar) and Facebook HERE.

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